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This online application will walk you step-by-step through applying for legal help.  It will ask you the questions that we need to ask people who apply for our help.  You will need to answer them so that we can understand your problem and see if we can help you.

Please read this first:

Statewide Legal Services of Connecticut (SLS) is a non-profit organization that provides free legal assistance to eligible people.  We take applications on a telephone hotline and on the internet with this application.  We can help with problems related to domestic violence, housing problems, government benefits, family, health and other issues.

Most of our legal services are available only for people with household income at or below 125% of the federal poverty level. If you are 60 years old or older and think your income is higher than this, you may contact the legal aid office closest to you to see if you are eligible for legal services. We can't help everyone who applies for our help.

SLS serves people in all of Connecticut.  To apply, fill out this application or call our hotline. The hotline hours are Monday - Friday from 9AM to 12Noon, and from 1-2PM.  Our hotline number is 1-800-453-3320.

Please fill out just one application for a problem.

How does the interview work?

This interview will ask for information about you, your problem and any people, agencies or businesses causing your problem.  Because eligibility for SLS services may depend on your income and assets, we will ask you about the people who live with you.  We will ask about any income for people in your home, and any valuable property that you or others in your home may own.

What happens when I finish the interview?

At the end of the interview there is a "SEND" button that will submit your request for legal help to Statewide Legal Services.  Someone from our office will get in touch with you within 5 work days.


This is a secure web site.  Your information will not be shared with anyone outside of Statewide Legal Services of Connecticut unless you give us permission.

If you are using a public computer to fill in this application, be sure to close the browser when you are done so that your personal information cannot be seen by anyone else.

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